Interviews From The 3rd Runway Event

We are grateful to our friends from the Chiswick Calendar for filming the recent 'No3rdRunway' Event and interviewing key participants. More info here.


Deborah Cadbury of CHATR – Chiswick Against the Runway – told The Chiswick Calendar how local people had really come together in the last few weeks to fight the proposed runway.

She said everyone who lives in Chiswick and West London will find the noise from aircraft will increase.


Chiswick’s two MPs both spoke at the meeting. Dr Rupa Huq, MP for Ealing Central and Acton said that Britain was already failing to meet EU air pollution limits and it would be illegal for the Government to introduce anything which adds to pollution levels.


Ruth Cadbury, MP for Brentford and Isleworth, said that legally, environmentally, fiscally and politically it was a difficult decision for the Prime Minister to make and we haven’t lost the argument yet.


John Stewart, Chairman of HACAN, talking after giving an impassioned speech at the CHATR event at St Michaels. He said The Chiswick Calendar ‘A voice for those under Heathrow flightpaths’ said the impact in Chiswick would be ‘devastating’, with an additional quarter of a million planes a year at Heathrow with all the road traffic and pollution increases that entails.

He Highlighted that the probable flight path would be running between the M4 and the A4, north of the existing flight path. He also outlined four key issues of concern should Heathrow be allowed to build a third runway: noise pollution, air pollution, the destruction of 783 houses in the path of the proposed runway and the additional strain on local road and rail services.


More interviews can be found on the Chiswick Calendar website here.